Available documentation
  • JAS API application programming interface available on line in the Javadoc standard format
  • The user's guide is also distributed with the pacakge.
  • The JAS presentation at SwarmFest 2003 (available in PDF version).
  • The JAS presentation at SwarmFest 2004 (available in PDF version).
  • How to use statistics.
  • How to use Graph-Statistics by Riccardo Boero.
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  • Forums are both in english and italian languages.

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JAS is actually developed using the IBM Eclipse IDE.

If you want to compile JAS you have to:

  1. download the source package from the download section,
  2. install the Apache Ant java make tool,
  3. go to the JAS\build directory,
  4. type the ant command.

That's all. In the CVS repository there are only the sources, which need the libraries to be compiled.

Using Eclipse, it is necessary to create a new project using the source tree. Using the CVS built-in tool you can obtain the latest sources.