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Short description
JAS is a Java toolkit for creating agent-based simulations.
It features a discrete-event time engine, statistical probes with Hypersonic database built-in storage capability, Neural Networks and Genetic Algorithms packages, graph support for Social Netwok Analysis.
Main features
  • Discrete-event time simulation engine.
  • A custom Java class-loader loads models without the CLASSPATH variable configuration.
  • Different time unit management (ticks, seconds, minutes, days...).
  • The real time engine is able to fire events using the real computer timer. Useful for emulation models.
  • Support for XML data I/O and SVG file format.
  • Genetic algorithms, neural networks, (classifier systems, still under construction).
  • Sim2Web: a JAS-Zope bridge for web publishing of simulations and remote users interaction.
  • The MultiRun class manages looped model run for automatic parameters calibration.
  • The statistical package, based on the cern.jet package, with file and database I/O features.
  • Hypersonic database is built-in the JAS package.
  • The brand new jas.graph package allows to manage relational agents, with native Social Network Analysis computing.
18/03/2006 JAS version 1.2.1 with some bugs fixed has been released! Download it at the download section.
20/02/2006 JAS version 1.2 has been released! Download it at the download section.
20/01/2006 The unstable version 1.2-3 is online at the download section.
21/07/2005 The unstable version 1.2-2 is online at the download section.
21/06/2005 The unstable version 1.2-1 is online at the download section.
21/04/2005 The version 1.1 is released. It runs with jdk 1.5.
11/08/2004 A new 'Model library' section has been added to the website. It is a repository for users' models.
11/08/2004 A patched release 1.0.1 has been released.
19/07/2004 How to use graph-statistics tutorial by Riccardo Boero. Available at the docs section.
14/07/2004 How to use statistics tutorial has been uploaded.
12/05/2004 JAS 1.0 has been presented at SwarmFest 2004. See documentation for slides.
05/05/2004 JAS 1.0 has been released, with a lot of new features and some bugs fixed.